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American Grappling Federation, Saturday, November 4, 2023

Today was such a great time for our amazing young competitors! The event was a bit smaller due to low sign ups this time, but it actually worked out because we had some new first time warriors competing! It really helped them keep their anxiety more in control and it panned out well! They were super focused and able to showcase all the hardwork they've been putting in on our mats daily! We are always proud of our students and members, but especially proud when they take the leap to use what they're learning in our gym to show the world what our fight family can do! Keep up all the great work everyone! Back to business Monday! December 9th is on the books next! We're planning to keep everyone active as possible!

16 Gold🥇

10 Silver🥈

1 Bronze🥉

3rd for kids Gi and kids No-Gi team 🥉🥉

See the pics on our Facebook page by clicking the link below!

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